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Fractions are expressed as one number over another number, like this:

The number on the top is called the numerator and the number on the bottom is called the denominator.


When you think of a fraction, think of a PIZZA!!

Suppose a pizza is cut evenly into the number of pieces in the DENOMINATOR. If the number of pieces YOU get is the NUMERATOR, the fraction of the pizza you get is:

Adding and taking away (subtracting) fractions can be pictured using slices of pizza. For example:

Multiplying fractions means cutting a portion into smaller portions. For example:

Unit 1 show you how to do this multiplication.

Dividing fractions means determining how many smaller pieces there are in a larger piece. For example:

This means there are 2 one-fourth pieces of pizza in a half pizza.

Unit 4 shows you how to do this division.

Unit 12 will introduce you to decimals.

Here's another way to look at fractions. Imagine that each of these lines is a board and you want to cut it into halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, and fifths. Here is what those board fractions look like:

one whole board!!
1/2 board 1/2 board
1/4 board 1/4 board 1/4 board 1/4 board
1/3 board1/3 board 1/3 board
1/6 board1/6 board1/6 board 1/6 board1/6 board1/6 board
1/5 board1/5 board1/5 board1/5 board 1/5 board

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